Yadle launches File Intelligence
and AI to Improve How We Work

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2019 was a very exciting year for Yadle! The Yadle platform continues maturing to provide the benefits of File Intelligence to our VFX and Animation customers. 2020 will be even more exciting as we extend Yadle functionality to support new & emerging standards, and deeper File Intelligence capabilities.

Some Product Highlights from 2019:
  •  Re-architected Yadle to utilize a microservice software model bringing performance improvements along with ease of scaling and deployment flexibility for our customers.
  • Additional AI classes added to further enhance our VFX-focused 2D image tagging.
  • Support for image sequences, consolidating sequence sets into a single, scrubbable search result.
  • API v2 released to provide precise access to data collected and generated by Yadle in order to build into your already existing tools.
  • File Extension Tags (e.g. #jpg #r3d #png #mp4)
  • Scrubbable R3D video thumbnails.
  • New Insights for a deeper look into your organization's data and file activities.
  • Turntable previews for 3D assets in over 30 formats.
  • Ability to extend the Desktop App, Nuke, and Maya plug-ins with custom-defined File Actions for tight integration into customer's workflows.
  • Added support image sequences in the Yadle Nuke and Adobe plug-ins.
  • Improved security via new algorithm for ID and token generation.
  • Support for Indexing LTFS devices.

The Yadle Team has been relentless in pursuing improvements to the product based on the valuable input we have been given. We thank our customers for their support in helping us refine the platform to help everyone save time and improve efficiency in their day to day work.

    Sneak Peak into the Yadle Roadmap for 2020:
    •  Deeper support of USD and Alembic files to support searching of individual elements within scenes, including thumbnailing of multiple variants.
    • AI tagging of 3D files. Yadle will analyze various geometry, mesh, and scene formats to intelligently tag individual elements in these files.
    • Webhooks to allow customers to trigger custom actions based on Yadle activities such as new file detection, file changes, tagging, and user activity.
    •  Improved UI filtering pulldowns to provide improved "ease of starting" for new Yadle users.
    • Analysis, metadata collection, and thumbnailing of many new file types & formats like LIDAR, VDB, and MDL.

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