Yadle launches File Intelligence
and AI to Improve How We Work

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Introducing New Yadle Insights 

With files continually being added or evolving, keeping up with what you have and what’s changing is not easy.

Yadle’s Insights provide you with greater visibility about your files and file activities taking place., including key information about your Yadle File Intelligence system

Yadle continually adds new Insights based on feedback from our customers. We welcome new ideas for Insights to help solve your specific problem. What do you want to know? 

As more Insights become available, Yadle users can add them from the Insights Marketplace. On the left menu on the Yadle App, click on Insights Marketplace. Select the ones you want and click Save. They will now be available under the Insights section of left menu. Check out the Insights Marketplace to see what's new.

Here are some of the Insights offered by Yadle:

1. Duplicate File Sets
See files that have duplicates, how many, and amount of potential wasted disk capacity from the duplicates.

2. File Activity Summary
Discover number of new files created, modified, copied, and deleted over a specific time interval.

3. File Channel Summary
See the owner, type, number of followers, and description for all File Channels in your organization.

4. Data Size by Extension
Know the breakdown of storage usage by your organization's different asset types.

5. Yadle Tag Counts
Quickly see general classification groups of your organization's assets from most popular to least.

6. User Summary
Know who is part of your Yadle organization and when they last logged on.

7. Image Dimensions
Returns the full path and associated width and height of image files.  

8. Search Term Counts
Find out what are the most popular terms users have been searching for in your organization.

9. Searches
Value: Find out what other Yadle users in your organization are searching for and other popular searches.

10. Thumbnail count by extension
See the number of thumbnails Yadle has created by file type.

11. Yadle System Activity
Take a deep dive into the activity of your Yadle environment.

12. Yadle Indexing Activity
Yadle Admins can easily check that agent indexing processes are running and number of new files discovered.

13. Unique Files
Returns a list of files that only have 1 copy and no duplicates (regardless of filename). Quickly determine if files to be copied or moved to a different storage device made it successfully. Also know what files are at risk by only having a single copy.

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