Yadle launches File Intelligence
and AI to Improve How We Work

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Introducing New Yadle Insights 

Yadle continually adds new Insights. Insights give you greater visibility about your files and file activities.

Some insights are for users and some are for Admin Users. 

As we add more Insights, you will see them being available in the Insights Marketplace. On the left menu on the Yadle App, click on the Insights Marketplace. Select and and save Insights to add then to your left menu. Check out the Insights Marketplace to see what's new.    

We welcome new ideas for Insights as it guides our product roadmap.  What do you want to know? 

Here are some of the Insights offered by Yadle:

1.Duplicate Files Set

2. File Activity Summary

3. File Channel Summary

4. Data Size by Extension

5. Data Used per File Extension

6. Yadle Tag Counts

7. User Summary

8. Image Dimensions

9. Search Term Counts

10. Searches

11. Thumbnail Count by Extension

12. Yadle System Activity

13. Yadle Indexing Activity

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