Yadle launches File Intelligence
and AI to Improve How We Work

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San Ramon, California – Today, Yadle releases version 3 for its powerful file search engine and intelligent management App. Yadle allows companies and users to more easily and quickly find and do things with files anywhere.

Yadle simplify things by offering a universal search that quickly finds files anywhere – in the Cloud and on devices — and then gives you the ability to do things with them everywhere. The growing list of cool and useful things you can do from your search results includes sending files from anywhere to anywhere, getting files from anywhere, adding tags to files, copying files, adding comments (links, images and videos) to each file, and more.

Yadle is a complement to the Cloud and servers. It does not store or change your files. It simply indexes and tags files wherever they are stored to make it faster to find files anywhere and easier to do things with those files everywhere.

As an example of the flexibility and power of Yadle, imagine yourself in transit using your mobile device. You use Yadle to search for files stored anywhere — in the company Cloud, your personal devices, in your personal Dropbox, and colleague’s devices. From search results you can select and send files stored in various places to any device or person.

Co-founders Eric Aubertin and David Lundberg started Yadle to use the power of technology to help people simplify and manage their digital lives. Eric Aubertin, co-founder and CEO adds: “We remove location and device boundaries associated with files. It shouldn’t matter where files are stored — in Dropbox, a server, personal device – what matters is finding your stuff fast and doing what you want with files stored anywhere. Searching everywhere with the ability to do cool things with files anywhere opens up a world of possibilities. I find it very exciting when technology can do for us complex things we want so simply”.

Issues Yadle Help Solve
Today, companies are continually making an effort to try to centralize their digital assets in the cloud andon storage devices to help preserve and find them. However, this model of organizing files by creating a folder structure and trying to remember where files are is becoming increasingly challenging as people attempt to maintain the folder organization while people move files around, make copies, and store files in multiple places including the cloud and user devices. As a result, companies are facing many file-related problems, including having to search for files in many places, having a hard time finding files stored on a device that are not centralized, not knowing which file is the right one, dealing with a growing list of duplicates which adds to the confusion and consumes storage space.

Yadle Makes It Easier and Faster
Yadle introduces a new way to organize files without moving them around. Think of YouTube. We tag videos to classify and make them easy to find. Why not do the same for our files? Yadle continually indexes and tags your files wherever they are. To personalize searches, users can also add their own tags individually or use the bulk tagging tools. On top of searching by file names, using tags is a quick way to find files and great for photos and videos otherwise hard to classify. For harder to find files, users can search by things they remember about their files including creator, city, year created, file type, and more.

Without changing where files are stored, how people work, or moving files around to organize them, Yadle makes it fast and easy to find files stored anywhere. Similar to adding tags, with V3 you can now add comments to files to centralize important information about them. This includes adding comments from various users, copying a definition from Wikipedia, adding content such as a description, scripts, videos, tutorials, images, ratings, training docs, links to websites, and more. And since the added content is also searchable, files become even easier to find.

Doing Cool Things with Files Anywhere
Once you find a file, you can open the file on your device, send files from one Cloud to another, device-to-device, or through email to a colleague. Combined to video ad image previews, this helps know which file is the right one.

David Lundberg, co-founder and CTO adds: “We believe it’s not just about finding files fast, it’s about empowering you to do what you want with files anywhere.The vision Eric and I have is to bring intelligence to files. Behind the scenes, we leverage metadata and intelligence from files to automate file activities and simplify things for people. We look forward to continually adding news features to make people enjoy Yadle.”

With files anywhere indexed and tagged, Yadle helps companies leverage and optimize valuable knowledge residing in their files, making fast and easy to find, access, share, and manage their files. Yadle is available under different pricing plans, including a free starter plan for up to 1TB of data and the Search Everywhere feature is always free.

About Yadle
Yadle is a powerful file search and intelligent file management App that continually indexes and tags all your files stored wherever to make it fast to find files anywhere and easy to do things with them everywhere. To learn more about Yadle or signup for free – it’s fast and easy — please visit www.yadle.com.

Contact To learn more, please contact: eric@yadle.com

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