Yadle launches File Intelligence
and AI to Improve How We Work

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When we meet people and investors, we get asked: “why did you guys start this”. Here’s what David and I answer:

Files are the “bloodstream” of our digital society. With the amount of files doubling every two years and the number of places where files reside (Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, servers, etc.) continuing to grow, this makes it increasing challenging for people and companies to find, share, and manage their files everywhere. 

We do not believe it makes sense for people and companies to have to work or think so hard to find, share, and manage their files everywhere. And we do not believe people and companies should have to change where they store their files – in Dropbox, Google Drive, on devices, on servers, etc. 

We wanted to connect people and files everywhere. We wanted to empower people with files everywhere. We wanted to remove boundaries associated with files residing everywhere. 

Similar to how the Internet was invented to index websites and make information easily accessible online, Yadle was invented to make files everywhere fast and easy to find, share, and manage. 

To solve this, we leveraged what we call “file intelligence” to “think for humans” and automate files activities based on rules, and we built an App that would work automatically everywhere without requiring any work or change in habits. 

It took several years to build in stealth mode – felt like running 4 marathons in a row – but here we are. Our mission is to leverage intelligence from files everywhere to empower people, save time, and simplify lives.

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