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We recently conducted a survey to find how people waste time trying to find files and put together a list of the top 14. We roughly spend from 15% to 35% of our time looking for files and information we need to do our job well.

It is estimated that companies waste 10% of salaries in people wasting time looking for files and information. According to IDC, they reported that for companies with 1,000 knowledge workers, roughly an estimated $5,000 per year is wasted on searching for files and information. See below the top 14 ways we waste time with our files.

1. Searching Files Everywhere
Searching on multiple devices across the company and at home to find files including where it is and who has a copy. Whether it’s on your desktop, mobile or tablet, we spend time searching the company servers, clouds and inside emails, a very time consuming action.

2. Requesting A File Copy And Waiting
Requesting a copy of a specific file from someone via email and then waiting to get full access is more than frustrating, especially with deadlines to meet on documents you need access to sooner than later.

3. Uploading & Downloading Files
Continually uploading, attaching or downloading files in and out of the Cloud and email

4. Locating A File From Another Device
A file you need is on another device, what if that device is at home whilst you are at work or worst case scenario its lost or stolen. You now need to wait until you can get to that other device before accessing the file, in some cases its lost for ever.

5. Latest File
Trying to figure out if the file is the most recently last updated version can cause issues in communication amongst your co-workers.

6. Emailing A File To Another Device
Emailing a file to another device to use it later is just making more work for yourself.

7. Organizing Your Emails
Organizing files in your email application, creating folders, filters, tabs amongst other unorganizable measures to help you through your day.

8. Storing Your Files
Moving files out of the cloud or emails and transferring them where you want them is a long process.

9. Re-asking For A File
Re-asking a person for a file that you already have or was already sent to you, maybe you are unable to find it, maybe you just can’t remember you worked on the file.

10. Re-creating Files That Already Exist
Re-creating information you already have or that already exists somewhere else in your company, causing for duplicates of the document.

11. Cleaning Up Duplicate Files
Locating and deleting or merging duplicate files to try to keep files organized.

12. Asking People For Information
Asking people if they have files related to a project you are working on.

13. Providing File Comments
Sharing your opinion or view on the details about a file with someone via commenting inside the document or by email.

14. File Successfully Sent Or Read
Trying to find out if a person has successfully received or read a file you sent to them.

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