Yadle launches File Intelligence
and AI to Improve How We Work

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We’re having a quick chat and I say “You should really sign up and try Yadle” and you say… “ya ya but what’s the bottom line on how it can help me”. Here’s the bottom line:

Yadle makes it fast and easy to FIND and DO THINGS with files anywhere:

1.Use a SINGLE SEARCH to look EVERYWHERE for your files
2.Find files in a SECOND instead of having to browse through folders
3.Find files you COULD NOT FIND BEFORE or you forgot you had
4.TAGS help you classify your files to make them faster to find
5.PREVIEW your files stored anywhere
6.Search INFO about files everywhere: duplicates, latest copy
7.Add NOTES to your files: comments, links, images, videos
8.REMOTELY GET or SEND files from anywhere to anywhere
9.SEND LARGE FILES without any size limits
10.Perform BULK ACTIONS across all files anywhere

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