Yadle launches File Intelligence
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Yadle search properties allow parametric searches, a powerful mechanism for filtering search results based on one or more parameters.

Search properties are entered in the search bar as a term just like keywords and tags. All search properties start with !, followed by the property name and optional equality/inequality terms and values.

Some search properties are single terms with implied parameters. An example would be !comment, a search property that filters results to only include files that have one or more file comments.

Other search properties have an equality (“=”) or inequality (“<", ">“,”>=”, <=") parameter and a value. An example would be the !age property, used to filter files by their age. To find all files younger than 1 week, you could search using !age<1week or !age<1w.

You can use multiple properties, tags, keywords all in same search. A range of values can be searched for by including two of the same search properties in your search, but with a different equality/inequality terms on each. For example, you could search for all files between 1 megabyte and 5 megabytes using: !size>1m !size<5m

Search properties can be combined with other terms, including tags. A search for all images created more than 1 year ago that are less than 200k in size: #image !age>1year !size<100k

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