Yadle launches File Intelligence
and AI to Improve How We Work

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HARD TO ORGANIZE – Having too many files and/or files in too many places is too much work to organize.


SEARCH EVERYWHERE – No easy way to search across all locations at once – devices, servers, Cloud services, devices, Apps
NOT FINDING – Not finding files 44% of the time (accepting it, giving up)
WASTING TIME LOOKING – Wasting time looking for and asking around for files
POOR NAS SEARCH – Not being able to effectively search NAS devices
RECREATING FILES – Recreating files that already exist
MEDIA FILE SEARCH – Media files can be hard to search (ex. finding stock image 1869600
SEARCH OFFLINE FILES – No easy way to search for files stored offline
SOPHISTICATED SEARCHES – Not being able to perform sophisticated searches for files stored anywhere


PREVIEW EVERYWHERE – No existing way to preview all files that exist across your entire file ecosystem
VIDEO SCRUBBING – Not being able to preview and scrub videos (versus having to open them to view the content)
FILE SUGGESTIONS – No existing way to get a suggestion for similar or related images
IMAGE SEQUENCES – No existing way to have related images be presented as a sequence – one visual


FILE VERSION – Not knowing which file is the most recent one
FILE ACTIVITY KNOWLEDGE – Not knowing what’s changing with files – new, modified, deleted
EXPIRED FILE RIGHTS – Illegally using files that have expired usage rights
FILE INFO – Not having access to a deep level of information about files
FILE COMMENTS – No existing way to keep all comments about files centralized in one place


LOST ACCESS – Losing files or losing access to files (ex. a file is stored on a colleague’s device)
REMOTE ACCESS – No easy way to access remote files (unless a VPN access is in place)
TAKE ACTIONS ANYWHERE – No existing way to take actions with files stored in many places


SHARE ANYWHERE – No existing way to share files stored in multiple places
MOVING FILES AROUND – Spending time moving files around to share them
FILE TRANSFERS – No easy way to transfer files or using file transfer services that have file transfer size limits


DUPLICATE FILES – No easy way to identify duplicate files across your entire file ecosystem
CLEAN UP – Spending extra money to store a large set of duplicate files (41% is the average)

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