Yadle launches File Intelligence
and AI to Improve How We Work

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As we store our files in multiple places – across devices, Cloud services, and Apps – locating the files we’re looking for takes time, and sharing them involves effort.

Yadle is introducing File Channels to make it fast and easy to search, access, and share files no matter where they are stored.

Why did Yadle create File Channels?

We believe that people should be able to easily access and quickly share pertinent files and knowledge that exist everywhere without changing the way they work.

Existing file sharing services or systems typically require users to move files around and manage time-consuming file sharing rights to grant access.

We designed File Channels to simplify the process of sharing files stored in many places. No need to manage another set of file sharing rights. Users can store files wherever they want – in Cloud services, Apps, or on their devices.

Yadle works across all services and systems to provide a universal way to search, access, and grant access to files stored everywhere

What are File Channels?

File Channels are a collection of files stored in many places and accessible by all users of the File Channel.

File Channels are analogous to groups or networks where users can join, share, contribute, access, and share files and information stored everywhere.

No need to touch, copy, or move files in order to share them with other users in the File Channel. It complements the way you work without requiring you to make changes or adapt to a new system.

There are 4 types of File Channels:

To organize and search files stored everywhere or search by File Channel to find files faster

To collectively contribute, search, and access files stored anywhere

To easily make files searchable and accessible to certain people

To search, access, and share public files

How to Leverage File Channels
By default, each user gets access to 6 File Channels for their own files visible to them: Pictures, Videos, Desktop, Downloads, Music, Documents. File Channels allow others to search and access files.

Companies can create and use File Channels for teams, offices, divisions, projects, departments, clients, collaborators, and more.

To create File Channels, you simply select the files and folders that you want to make searchable and accessible by other users in the File Channel.

You can join Files Channels or invite others to join yours to stay connected and share files and information. Other users in the File Channel can also contribute and link files to the File Channel.

With File Channels, we can:
1. Search Everywhere

File Channels make it easier to search for files stored on different platforms, Cloud services, devices, or servers that have been linked to the File Channel.

File Channels narrow down your searches and partition files to improve how quickly you can access files. As long as files are linked to the File Channel, you can discover, access, and share them regardless of where they are stored.

Across all File Channels, users can search by keywords and tags, search by just one File Channel, preview files as thumbnails, look at file information and metadata, and more.

2. Access Everywhere

File Channels empowers users to access files and information stored anywhere in the File Channel.

Accessibility to files is easily controlled by inviting users to a File Channel and allowing them to see and access files in a File Channel. Turning it off takes a second. Once access is removed, users can no longer see and access files in the File Channels.

Users can access and link files in the File Channel. They can open files, get files stored everywhere, add Smart Tags, send files from anywhere to anywhere, and more.

3. Share Everywhere

File Channels make it effortless to share files stored in many places. If you are sharing one file, email is fast.

If you are sharing 6 files, a Dropbox is useful. But if you are continually sharing files stored in many places with many people, Yadle makes this simple.

All users of a File Channel can contribute and link files stored anywhere, search, access, and share them. No size limit exists on file sharing. They can also send or tag files in bulk.

Users who belong to File Channels can stay up to date and know the status of files and file history –updated version, when last modified, who created a file, when, duplicates.

File Channels also help share tags and information. If a Smart Tag is added to a file, then that Smart Tag will be applied to all file duplicates across the File Channel. If a comment is added to a file, then it becomes visible to all users in the File Channel.

Try File Channels by joining Yadle.

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