Yadle launches File Intelligence
and AI to Improve How We Work

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Thanks to the continual feedback from clients and users, we’ve greatly improved the product and we’re happy to announce the release of Yadle version 3.

Several new features have been added. Here’s a summary:


SEARCH EVERYWHERE: One search to find files anywhere – user devices, in the Cloud, severs

FILE INFO: Access valuable information: metadata, creator, copies, most recent

FILE PREVIEW: Quickly preview images and videos

OPEN FILES: Open a file on your current device

GET FILES FROM ANYWHERE: Get files from anywhere — other devices, the Cloud, servers

SEND FILES ANYWHERE: Send files anywhere-from device to device or via an email link to download a file

SMART TAGS: Add tags which are reflected across all files everywhere

ADD COMMENTS & INFO: Add comments to files, images, links to videos, on all files everywhere


INVITE PEOPLE: Invite colleagues or people to join your Company or Personal File Network

FILE SHARING CONTROL: Have a control of which files are available to see and get for people in your File Network


BULK ACTIONS: Select multiple files and do actions like mass file tagging

FILE DUPLICATES: Get a list of duplicate files to help you de-duplicate files

SMART STORAGE: Ensure that two copies of important files exist and sensitive files are stored in the right places.


SETTINGS & PERSONALIZATION: Admin Users can manage user accounts, devices, control access, alter settings, add users, view device details and user information.

MANAGE DEVICES & USERS: Easily manage users and devices

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