Yadle launches File Intelligence
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With our files residing in a growing list of places including Cloud services, servers, our devices, and external storage — it’s never too easy to find, access, share, and manage files stored ANYWHERE, 

Here are the 10 file challenges we all face — companies and people — related to files being stored in many places.

1.No Instant Access to All My Files Everywhere 
You don’t always remember to upload files to the Cloud or email yourself files you may later need. It’s happened to you when you desperately needed a file located on a remote device and just could not get to it, or get to it fast enough.

Access All Files Everywhere from Anywhere 
With Yadle, there’s no need to think or have to upload or email files, ahead of time. And it doesn’t matter where your files are – in the Cloud or devices. Wherever you are

2.Having to Search for Files One Location at a Time 
The files you need and use are stored in various places – Cloud services, servers, people’s devices, and external storage. Searching for files one location at a time can be time consuming. 

One Search to Find Files Anywhere Fast 
With Yadle, you type in keywords and it finds files anywhere very fast – typically in 2/10 of a second.

3.Not Sure Which File is the Right Version 
With files continually being created and modified in a variety of places including on people’s devices, how can one be so sure he or she has found the latest version or the right file? 

Know Which File is the Right One 
With Yadle, you access a wealth of information about each file including who created or modified what file, when, and other valuable file details.

4.Cant’ Find a File 
IDC reports that on average, we can’t find files we’re looking for 44% of the time. We’ve just learned to cope with this, re-create files that already exist, or waste more time asking around for a copy. 

Always Find Files with Yadle 
With Yadle, you can search with file titles. You can also search with tags only (ex. #image, #video). And when you can’t find a file, you can search with metadata by adding keywords to your search for aspects you recall about that file: who created it, file location or city, file type, year it was created, “Canon camera”, and more.

5.Files Everywhere Not Classified 
With files stored in many locations, it’s not easy to keep track of files. How do you classify those files located everywhere? 

Easily Tag All Your Files Everywhere 
Yadle automatically tags to all your files everywhere. You can also add your own tags individually or by bulk tagging files to personalize your searches. Tags help make it easier to find files, keep files classified without organizing them, and keep them stored in the right places.

6.Information About Files Not Shared & Lost 
Pertinent details and information about files reside in various emails and files. This valuable information is not easily shared, not used, and often lost. 

Keep Information About Files Organized 
With Yadle, you can easily add comments to files. As examples, you can add a comment about a file, add images related to a file, add a storyboard for videos, add purchased orders for stock photos, link to an explainer video or another file, and more.

7.No Preview of Images & Videos Stored Everywhere 
You have photos and videos in multiple places and have no way of previewing them from a single place. 

Preview Files Everywhere from One App 
From a single App, Yadle allows you to preview images and videos located everywhere.

8.Illegally Using Images or Files Without Knowing 
As you purchase usage rights for images or use files, it’s hard to know about file usage rights and expiration. This can result in you illegally using certain images or files without knowing it. 

Only Use Files You Have the Right to Use 
With Yadle, the File Comments feature lets you to add details about file usage rights and keep track of expiration to ensure you’re only using files you’re allowed to use.

9.Difficult to Make Sure A Copy of All Files Exist 
With files continually being created in a variety of locations and devices, it’s difficult to keep track and ensure a copy of all files exist. 

Keep One Copy of All Files Everywhere 
Yadle can automate file storage based on rules to ensure a copy of all files exists. Yadle does not store files – you pick where you want to store your always files.
10.Duplicate Files Increases Confusion & Storage Costs 
On average, 41% of our files are duplicates reported IDC. When you consider the growing size and the quantity of files doubling every 2 years, this can add up to a “mess” which increases confusion and storage costs. 

Track Duplicates to Save on Storage 
With every file having their own file signature, Yadle detects file duplicates across your entire file ecosystem so you can easily clean up your mess.

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