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Your personal and work-related files can be stored in many places: on your computers, mobile devices, servers, or cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox or Google Drive, to name only a few. Even if you like to keep your files well organized and perform regular backups, your files are likely to be scattered over a wide range of devices, servers, and systems, with some being stored locally, and others online, in the cloud. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to search for files and retrieve them in a matter of seconds, whenever you need to? Yadle makes that not only possible, but also simple.

The Benefits and Limitations of Cloud Services
Cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive which work across devices and operating systems have changed the way we back-up and share files. There was a time when we would backup our files on external hard disks, CDs/DVDs, memorycards, or flash drives. To some extent we still do that, but the weight of our digital files has grown too great for many of these mediums. A flash drive or external hard disk can store only so much data. What’s more, that data is vulnerable to hardware failure, and cannot be easily accessed from any device, often tying us to a computer.

Cloud services, on the other hand, make it easy for us to upload our data online to secure servers, from where we can retrieve it on almost any device connected to the Internet, regardless of its operating system. Cloud storage also saves us from hardware failure, as reputable services such as Dropbox and Google Drive store data in ideal conditions in secure facilities protected from internal and external threats.

But while data backup and storage is a simple and stress-free process with cloud services, many of which allow for automated data uploads, finding the right files quickly or reducing duplicates and storage space costs are challenges that you, like so many people, may still be facing, especially if you use several cloud services and multiple computers or devices. That’s where Yadle fits in.What Is Yadle?

What Is Yadle?
Yadle is not a cloud storage solution – it doesn’t store any files. After you install it on your systems, it continually indexes and tags all your local and online files, allowing you to instantly find any of them. Because Yadle doesn’t store your files but only collects metadata from them, it is highly secure. A complement to cloud services, Yadle creates a link between all the different locations where your files are stored and provides a unified search feature across devices.

More than that, Yadle empowers you to effortlessly download files on your device regardless of where they are stored and open them or send them to another Yadle user or to anyone else by email, through a download link. It also lets you preview files, add smart tags or comments to them, or set up file control rules over a network, allowing for seamless file collaboration.

Yadle Works With All Your Files
Yadle was designed to work with both individual files and bulk files. Integrated bulk actions enable you to select multiple folders or files and tag or add comments to all of them with one quick command. Yadle can also detect duplicates across your entire file ecosystem and automate file storage based on rules. These features help you minimize duplicates to cut down online storage costs. Regardless of the type of files you store, this can result in tens or even hundreds of freed GBs and significantly lower long-term storage costs, without compromising the security of your online backups.

Cross-Platform Support

Yadle works with all major existing systems and platforms, being available on both computers and mobile devices. You can take Yadle with you wherever you go – at work, on holiday, in another country – and still be able to quickly retrieve through it all your files. In situations where finding a particular file or determining which of several versions of a file is the right one is important, Yadle can make a huge different, helping you save hours that would have otherwise been spent looking for files across different cloud services. Because it searches for metadata rather than files, Yadle is very fast, bringing you search results in as little as a fraction of a second.

The File Network

Apart from searching for files in the cloud and across your devices, Yadle can also search for any files that are part of your File Network. Other Yadle users can link up their devices to this network, allowing for a collaborative file searching and sharing experience that’s faster and smoother than ever before. Your family and friends can join your File Network, or else you can use it exclusively as a work-related file indexing and exchange platform, through which you can securely retrieve and pass on important files. File sharing and management doesn’t get easier than this.

Yadle Is Easy to Install

With Yadle you don’t have to worry about complicated installations or high system requirements. All you have to do is register, choose your subscription based on the amount of data you have, and then install the Yadle app on your computer and mobile devices. After installation, Yadle can automatically index all your files, though if you prefer, you can opt for selective indexing. As soon as the indexing is completed, you can use the Yadle app to quickly search, get, manage, and send files. Yadle can handle an unlimited number of files, so scalability is never a problem.

Try Yadle For Free
We left the best part at the end. You can sign up to Yadle for free and start using it right away across all your devices. It doesn’t matter whether your files are stored in Dropbox, Google Drive, or some other cloud storage service – with Yadle you can index and then access them all faster than ever before. Yadle is the perfect companion for your cloud services, ideal for both personal and professional use.

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