Yadle launches File Intelligence
and AI to Improve How We Work

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Today, a company’s data is stored across devices and the Cloud. Although the Cloud offers excellent storage conditions for digital data, many companies are finding it difficult to search and find files in the Cloud, tag and share information about them, classify them, or manage them effectively. The ability to easily search and access your data whenever you need to, share it with others, as well as keep it clean and safe, can improve your day to day productivity and have a strong impact on your company’s bottom line. At Yadle we understand that the Cloud can be improved, which is why we have crafted an application that does much more than provide a one search function for files stored in different places. Yadle has developed a macro model to leverage optimize, and manage knowledge inside your company access and share the files you search for, optimize and manage your knowledge and use it to gain business insights that can help you make decisions that will improve your productivity, lower your storage costs, and more. Let’s take a deeper look at how Yadle can empower your business by enabling you to leverage, optimize, and manage knowledge.

1. Discover & Index Files
Discover and index all your file assets stored anywhere.

2. Thumbnail
Thumbnail all your files including 2D, 3D images, and documents.

3. Add Metadata
Yadle curates, categorizes, normalizes, and adds metadata to make your data more useful.

4. Auto-Tag
Auto-tag your files using AI or based on rules, and define tags terminology.

5. File Channels
Partition file searching and access by File Channels.

6. Yadle Search App
Use Yadle App to search by tags, metadata, File Channels, file parameters, File Comments.

7. Search Offline Files
Tag files using our API before you store them offline to make it easy to search.

8. Application Integrations
Use Yadle Plugins to leverage your data and search within your existing applications.

9. Insights
Gain insights into your files, systems, and file activities.

10. API & Customization
Use our API to customize how you use your data and features.

Perfecting File Search and Management
With its wealth of features, Yadle provides an umbrella platform that helps you not only find, but also better manage all your files regardless of where they are stored, whether they are on multiple devices, in the Cloud, or on company servers. Yadle’s bulk actions, file tagging, commenting system, rule-based file automation, and de-duplication features turn it into a versatile yet intuitive platform that essentially acts like your own Google for Files. Yadle’s macro-perspective on finding, accessing, sharing, classifying, and managing files helps you leverage, optimize, and manage your knowledge better than before. Try Yadle for free to experience its many benefits.

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