Yadle launches File Intelligence
and AI to Improve How We Work

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Like most people and companies, you probably have many files and your data is growing every day. Your files reside in the Cloud with some on devices. Quite often, you can’t files fast and can’t do what you want with all your files stored in different places.

Yadle helps you effortlessly index, tag and organize all your files — docs, information, photos, videos – wherever they are stored, to make it fast and easy to find and do things with files anywhere.

Here are 10 cool things you can do with your files with Yadle:

1.FIND files stored anywhere in less than a second
With Yadle, you can now search everywhere within the same interface – in the Cloud, different devices, servers, external drives. It’s fast to search a lot of data stored in many different locations, taking less than a second.

2.Effortlessly ACCESS files stored everywhere from anywhere, including your mobile devices
After you find a file with Yadle, you can open files on your current devices and get files from the Cloud and other locations directly on your device, mobile devices included.

3.SEND files from anywhere to anywhere, including sending to remote files
With Yadle you can send files device-to-device, through the cloud, or via an email download link. This means you can send any file, regardless of its location, to anyone anywhere, whether they are using Yadle or not. If they use Yadle, the transfer will likely be quicker, as you can send files device-to-device, but otherwise email sharing empowers easy file transfers and seamless collaboration on projects.

4.ALWAYS FIND files by combining searches using file names, tags, and metadata
Sometimes you may not remember the location or the name of the file you need to find. With Yadle that’s never a problem. In addition to file names, you can search for tags previously added to the files, or by things you remember about a file: date created, creator, date last modified, file size, and more. This ensures you ALWAYS FIND the files you need.

5.KNOW everything about files including which file is the most recent
Having to download files and compare them to find the most recent can be a pain, especially if the files weight many MBs. Yadle makes that unnecessary because it tells you everything you need to KNOW about your files, including file type, size, creator, date last modified, and more. You can also preview images and videos and view comments, links, videos, images, to know what you need to know or find what you need to find.

6.Easily classify and TAG files automatically, individually, or using bulk tagging
Classifying and organizing lots of files is hard, and even harder with files stored in many places. Yadle’s Smart Tags helps you TAG files across locations, individually, or using bulk tagging to apply the same tag to many files at once. With tags, you can not only find files faster, but also classify without having to move your files around. There will never be the need to re-organize your files with tags in place.

7.Share INFO about files by adding comments, links, images, and videos into files
Important information about a file can be lost in emails and other documents. Think of the contextual information an email to which the file was attached including other related links and media images which may be separated from the document itself. Yadle solves this problem by allowing you to virtually add comments, links, images, and videos without modifying their content or compromising their security. It is done virtually without touching your files. This could include storyboards and transcripts for videos, notes for documents, references for reports, and more. After added, you can then search this new content.

8.Keep track of FILE RIGHTS to avoid using images with expired usage rights
File rights information is very easy to lose, as it’s often stored on external websites, separate documents, or in emails. Finding it once it’s lost can be a tedious process, especially if you use stock images or other visual material on a regular basis. Yadle makes sure you always keep track of file rights by allowing you to add information about files, using comments and links.

9.Easily remove DUPLICATES to lower confusion and storage costs
The average person and company has 41% duplicate files. Yadle helps identify and remove duplicates across the Cloud, devices, and servers. Yadle automatically identifies duplicates, so that you can easily decide what to do with them. This helps lower confusion, storage costs, and save time.

10.Automatically keep a COPY of all your files to a central location
When files are created on several devices, it is hard to ensure at least an extra copy exists centrally. Yadle can automate the process with a simple rule — copy all your files to a central location.

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