Yadle launches File Intelligence
and AI to Improve How We Work

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Today, Yadle launches File Intelligence which uses AI, Machine Learning, and other intelligent technologies, to improve how we work – making it faster and easier to find, access, know about, and share files stored anywhere.

In today’s collaborative and mobile environment, we create more files (doubling every 2 years), stored in more places — devices, Cloud, Apps. We all – both companies and users – face file challenges including wasting time looking for files, not finding files, re-creating files that already exist, using the wrong version, not knowing what files are where or what’s changing, moving files around to share them, managing duplicates, and the list goes on.

Yadle exist to improve how we work and simplify all this with File Intelligence. With Yadle, it doesn’t matter how many files you have or where they are stored. Yadle just makes it faster and easier to find, access, and share files no matter where they are.

Today with its v.4, Yadle is introducing many cool features including the ability to tag your files based on File Intelligence. As example, Yadle’s artificial intelligence can look at your images for the content and automatically add tags based on image recognition.

“For our clients including the giant movie companies with billions of images and drawings, tagging files by humans would simply not be realistic. We use artificial intelligence to tag large amounts of files quickly and efficiently.”
Eric Aubertin CEO/ Co-founder

Yadle is also introducing File Channels which gives users the ability to create, invite people, and follow File Channels they are interested in. File Channels are like virtual folders. They’re a collection of files stored in one or many places (Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, user devices, servers). With File Channels, where files are stored becomes irrelevant, being easy to find, access, and share.

“We believe in everything being easy and we needed to come up with a way for users to easily share files stored in many places without having to move files around or manage complex file sharing rights. We invented File Channels to simplify all this.”
David Lundberg CTO/ Co-founder


Yadle allows users to search everywhere including various devices, servers, and now your Dropbox, Google Drive, and Slack accounts. For people who use Adobe and various VFX software, Yadle’s Search is now integrated into Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere, Foundry Nuke and Shotgun. You can search for and load files directly within your application.

Yadle is now offered as a Yadle Desktop App which makes it quick and easy to access Yadle from your Desktop, as well as the Yadle Web App accessible from anywhere using the Internet. You can preview files stored anywhere with larger thumbnails. Once you find files, you can open them, get remote files, or send files from anywhere to anywhere. It empowers you to do what you want with files anywhere.

For large organizations with sensitive data, we’ve created a Self-Hosted Yadle where all data resides on premise with clients. For any size organization, Yadle is simple to put in place. Yadle does not require you to change where your files are stored or having to move files around. You simply install the Yadle App which takes minutes and it will index files wherever they are, without modifying your files.

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